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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

The Internet Is Mightier Than Wars


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PACT – Planetary Alliance to Counter Terrorism. 

(Written 2004 and Edited 2013.)

The UN could co-ordinate PACT as an urgently needed alternative to the Coalition’s War on Terror, replacing aggression with assistance and offers of friendship to remove future threats of terror.

PACT – the Planetary Alliance to Counter Terrorism could replace national and international wars with local and international co-operation, creating and distributing all the benefits that go with a culture of Peace.

Peace Creation Communications, in all relevant languages and media, promoting the enormous benefits of Peace and harmony could be a key PACT strategy.

Creating a friendly international community based on co-operation – sharing wealth, technology, food, resources, ideas and luxuries, is needed to put an end to imbalances, corruption and injustices, which lead to hostility and terrorism.

PACT would involve the UN contacting military, armed militias, faction leaders, conflicting political groups even arms dealers and manufacturers, communicating how good life could be if global co-operation took the place of all conflict.

Multi-Lateral Disarmament needs to be a key PACT objective. Disarming terrorist groups around the planet would be a worthwhile objective capable of bringing Peace and harmony to many diverse communities, and the heavily armed nations also need to scale down the Arms Race for the greater threat of WMDs to subside, and for the very real benefits of the Peace Dividend to be realised.

Peace Keepers and Diplomats working for PACT could be signed up from the large number of countries not wanting involvement with the aggressive US led War on Terror. This viable alternative is urgently needed in these days of deteriorating warfare.

Many border/territorial/religious/cultural/political disputes, which have accompanying terrorist action in different forms, could be settled by PACT communicating tolerance and co-existence,  and actively improving cultural cooperation and interdependence.

Improved lifestyles could be suggested and encouraged by PACT, to replace violent protests and acts of war with peaceful politics and activities, in an attempt to make every individual and community live sustainable and ecologically comforting lives, at home, in the community and internationally, and to raise the quality of existence for all those who need and deserve more comfort and peaceful contentment in their lives, and then PACT might make World Peace a reality!!!



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