Cool Globe Industries
Cool Globe Industries

COOL GLOBE INDUSTRIES are being promoted to replace heavy polluting industries which are responsible for global warming. By introducing young and old to a whole range of new activities, working with nature to create a vast array of natural products (focusing mainly on animals and plants), nature could supply us with everything we need to live in luxury. Training for all ages in the eco-friendly industries would allow for a complete transformation of human industry, without any loss of income. By focusing on nature and creation, humanity could bring the planet’s climate back into a more harmonious condition, as it has been for millions of years and could be once again.






ARC – Animal Repopulation Campaign


Encourage endangered species to breed in existing wilderness + fragments. Human symbiosis and husbandry essential.


Wildlife Breeding Sanctuaries- encourage endangered species reproduction and repopulation of existing wildernesses URGENTLY NEEDED for Future Gaia Life.


New plantations with plant and animal biodiversity needed as new habitats for Life, essential for future generations of humans and endangered species.


Plantations with trees, herbs, fruit, veg, etc in empty fields URGENTLY NEEDED as habitat for future Life- vital endangered species + entire foodchains.


If there is one thing Nature does well- every animal and plant reproduces, that’s why they survive today. Plant seed banks and encourage wildlife to breed.


Extinctions by human hunting have been ongoing for thousands of years. Mammoths, Dodos etc. have not been replaced by much needed Breeding Programmes.


If human beings continue to make the animals extinct, they will all disappear, it will be a lonely future for hunters. What is left? They must breed.




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