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RIP Polly 4.7.1968 - 21.4.2019






Prophets have always had the ability to see into the future, to predict what is going to happen, and to guide others to act according to their destiny. In many parts of planet Earth life is still simple enough that the old ways of knowing what tomorrow holds still exist, yet for most of us we have lost our ability to plan ahead as the Native Americans used to do for seven generations, and we are evolving blindly without any idea of what the future holds.

Yet this needn’t be the case. We could be gathering together our mystics, our sci-fi writers, and creating FUTURE SHAPERS. If we got together out best thinkers and created a Think Tank for ideas, we could get back to a much more sure footing where we had direction again and were aiming high instead of fumbling around in the Dark Ages where stress is the order of the day. We could re-create the lost civilisations of humanity in their heyday, and we could live once again in comfort and safety.

It is up to today’s innovators to consciously start to control our future. We need architects to build whole new cities to replace the burgeoning ghettos and slums, shanty towns and homelessness that have become so common throughout the world, first and third. We need designers to create alternative environmentally friendly technology so that we can live in harmony with our planet instead of devastating it with heavy industry which is the cause of global warming.

Things are changing rapidly at present, though we could reach a state of optimum equilibrium at some time. The Age of Aquarius which as just started, The New Age, is characterised by rapid evolution. We are witnessing frantic action, and will be for the foreseeable future until we finally reach a more stable environment.

If a Global Paradise is the ultimate aim, (and not unrealistic as the planet has been a Global Paradise for millions of years), there would be other planetary states on the way to this stable natural paradise. With mankind currently so dominant, Planet Circus might be a temporary evolutionary state, or Planet Eco-Tec, varying states as one would expect in these frantic Chaosphere days.

However evolved the planet seems to be now, it must be remembered that things are perpetually changing, and we can expect different world states. For as long as things are changing so rapidly we must hope for continual improvements and try to avoid devastating the world so that it doesn’t become Planet Desert. A natural disaster on this scale must be avoided if at all possible, otherwise the optimistic survival strategy for our species will have to be radically altered to cope with a far less user-friendly situation.

A safer world will come about by our collective consciousness developing. Like other animal species we could learn to act as one, each functioning optimally with the safety of ourselves and our environment uppermost in our minds, in harmony as opposed to 6.66 billion humans acting out the destructive nature of the beast.

As well as living in harmony, we should also be aiming for perfect physical fitness for our species. All wild animals demonstrate the fact that perfection is the norm. It is so negative to keep on saying that nobody is perfect, we all should be. That was why Jesus became so followed – he showed us what we were to become as human beings – gifted beyond our limited imaginations can perceive.



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